Our offers

Our offers

GridRiver :  is a packaged outsourced office software solution for small and medium businesses, organisations and associations, with guaranteed availability and service for all your office software needs, whatever workstations used.

DeskRiver : is a single-user package for the self-empoyed and professionals - artisans, lawyers, architectes...

Dedicated server/VM/instance/cloud

OfficeRiver : Everything DotRiver has to offer, on a server (or cluster) dedicated exclusively to your organisation. You choose the physical location, we manage all OfficeRiver supervision and administration tasks. You benefit immediately from changes or extensions to DotRiver, and you have full control over your processing power requirements.

We also provide specifics packages, designed for specific people like AssoRiver (foundation and associations), EduRiver (for all type of school and education institution) etc...


DotRiver deliver a complet managed service for all the access to your business desktop.
DotRiver is simplicity, security, respect of the environment, reducing and controlling costs (TCO).


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